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Richards News #1

Dear All

Not sure when next issue goes to press but here goes. Do you ever say to yourself I wish we had more time. Things get busier as we grow older.  Never time to do the things we would like to do. Well just stop a minute and think how lucky you are to be like that. There are many people who would like to be just like that People who are ill housebound or just worn out. Some are in hospitals and care homes or just alone in their own homes.  Some of these people you may know some because they have not been out for a long time or are forgotten, Radio,  Television, tapes or CD’s may be a comfort but a human contact can do the world of good.

Why  can’t we find a hour or two in our busy lives to visit some one in our area and drop in on them for a chat or see if you can help in anyway. You may cheer them up but in my experience it is usually  the other way round.  Just call in and be ready to listen you may learn something.  Don’t forget the older we are the more memories we have to share. The cd’s are still of value to people shut in institutions and we get many letters saying how much they are appreciated .

So go on and find a slot in those busy days to spare another couple of hours in the week to join the ministry of visiting.

God bless

Richard  and  Jan Smith.

Tel: 01249 653897

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